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Don’t waste your retirement years

stressing out about retirement income shortfalls.

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Instead, stay in your home, eliminate your mortgage payments and increase your income.

Why Use a Reverse Mortgage

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$0 mortgage payments

  • Enjoy monthly mortgage payments of $0 FOR LIFE

  • Turn an illiquid asset into a dependable income stream

  • Stop worrying about monthly income shortfalls

  • Sleep better and worry less

  • Increase your retirement cash flow

  • Create back-up funds to help your retirement funds last longer

  • Receive money from your home’s equity without having to sell your home

  • Use your home’s value for home repairs or to pay off medical bills or credit cards

  • Buy your dream home

  • Transfer any positive net equity (your home’s value less the loan value) to your heirs at your death

  • Maintain dignity in retirement

  • Eliminate existing mortgage payments forever

  • Stay comfortably in your home as you age

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Reverse Mortgage Handbook

For Seniors in Texas

The truth about reverse mortgages

in a Q & A format

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Why I personally have a

Reverse Mortgage on my own home

My mother-in-law, Mimi, was 98 years old, living in her home with dignity, but running low on funds.  The tremendous expenses for her medical care had drained her savings.  A line of credit was out of the question because Mimi had Alzheimer’s disease, and the power of attorney didn’t allow my wife, Mimi’s daughter, to create a line of credit.  One of Mimi’s last wishes was that she be able to die with dignity in her home of over 40 years, and not be forced into a nursing home.  That’s when we learned about reverse mortgages.  However, before we could secure the reverse mortgage, Mimi went to be with Jesus in heaven.

Mimi was the reason why I learned about reverse mortgages, but then my journey took another turn.  My wife, Janet, and I decided to sell our home that we had lived in for 40 years.  We decided that for us, we wanted a new home with low maintenance.  We wanted a forever home, one equipped with upgrades and a cocktail pool for escaping the Texas heat.  However, the price tag was going to increase our monthly expenses and decrease our disposable retirement income. That was scary to think about.  So guess what we did?  We used a reverse mortgage.  We got our dream home without putting our retirement at risk and we can live there forever.  Now our monthly mortgage payments are exactly $0 per month, and they will continue to be $0 for life for as long as we are living.  Oh, and don’t forget that Janet’s mom, Mimi, lived to age 98, so we could be looking at decades of being able to enjoy $0 monthly mortgage payments.  This has brought an incredible sense of peace to Janet and myself. We sleep better, worry less and have more time, energy and money for our 2 children, 8 grandchildren and 1 grandson.  I can truthfully and passionately declare to you that our reverse mortgage has changed our lives.

That is exactly why I started my business and it’s exactly why I’m now one of the top volume reverse mortgage agents in Texas and in the entire United States.  I’m a reverse mortgage customer who serves Texans who want to use the a reverse mortgage to better their lives during retirement.

I’m a straight-shooting, Christ-following, reverse mortgage specialist who would be honored to speak with you.  Call me now for your free, no obligation consultation to see if you're a candidate for a reverse mortgage.

Why Choose Ray Massey Reverse Mortgage

  • Ray is one of the top volume reverse mortgage agents in Texas and in the United States

  • You get direct access to Ray, so no frustration with middlemen or phone tag

  • Ray has access to multiple underwriters, rather than just one

  • Ray is happy to meet with you right in the comfort of your own home

  • Ray is a consumer of his own products.  That’s right, Ray has a Reverse Mortgage on his own home

  • Ray is passionate about helping seniors maintain their dignity, increase their retirement mailbox money and spend the rest of their lives sleeping peacefully in the comfort of their own homes.

Learn More

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Some requirements of a Reverse Mortgage

Minimum Age 62

to Qualify

(youngest spouse)

You still need to pay

taxes, insurance,

maintenance & HOA

Cannot be used for 

vacation homes,

2nd homes, co-ops or 4+ unit homes

see for details

Certain amount

of home equity

is required

Must be your

primary residence

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You should call us now if you are at least 62,

have good equity in your primary home 

and want to:

  • Turn your home into a piggy bank

  • Increase your retirement income

  • Enjoy mailbox money

  • Payoff your existing mortgage

  • Maintain your dignity in retirement

  • Maximize your retirement income options

  • Age gracefully in the comfort of your own home for the rest of your life


 …and do all of that WITHOUT having to sell your home.

What is a Reverse Mortgage -- Video by NRMLA

More Reading Materials

  • Some other links:  HUD       HUD Handbook     NRMLA     25 Ways to use a HECM

  • While the above materials are important, what most of my clients really want is a conversation with a living person with actual personal experience.

  • If you’re like most of my clients, then you want your questions answered in a personalized and customized manner from an actual reverse mortgage customer and agent (I'm both). 

  • If you want a conversation with a reverse mortgage customer who now worries less because of increased retirement income, then I would love to speak with you today. And I mean like, right now, so go ahead and call me directly at 713-562-6748 for a free, no obligation consultation. Remember that I can also make house calls and meet you in the comfort of your own home.

Jumbo Reverse Mortgages

  • Yes, we can do those too

  • $1Million to $10 Million home values -- Jumbo Reverse Mortgages for the right candidate

  • Even high net worth homeowner's are benefiting from jumbo reverse mortgages

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Traditional Mortgage:  

You pay the bank.

Reverse Mortgage:  

The bank pays you.

It's the reverse/opposite of what you thought you knew.


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